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Seasonal fruit farm workers demand in Canada and UK for 2023

Fruit Farm Jobs in Canada

Canada and UK are becoming the best places for students and job seekers to earn some money and get a better education than other places. Day by day, people are going to Canada and UK due to the increase in job opportunities and better lifestyles. Today, we will talk about the seasonal fruit farm worker’s demand in Canada and UK for 2023.

Seasonal fruit farm workers’ demand in Canada and UK for 2023 is the best opportunity for international workers and make better earnings. Seasonal fruit farm workers refer to the working of a person for 25 days or a short-term basis for seasonal fruit for any agricultural establishment. This job is open for only seasonal employment, and farm workers are only need for the time of harvest season.

If you want to work in Canada and UK in the agricultural industry, read more about the job opportunity, what types of jobs you can get in Canada and UK, how to apply for seasonal fruit farm workers, and many more.

Job Requirements

There are lots of lots of ways to apply and get job as seasonal fruit farm workers. The best thing about applying in seasonal fruit farm workers is that it has relatively small criteria. Every job has different criteria but fruit picking, and seasonal farm workers don’t require any educational qualifications or some any work experience. There are lots of things you have to do before applying for the job:-

1.Have a experience

2.Copy of your resume but it should be Canada and UK-friendly.

3.Want ot work.

Here are the Job Requirements

  • Must be responsible and have a passionate
  • Have a year of experience
  • Have knowledge in fruit growing and caring of fruits.
  • Get a CPR training
    You can get more benefits on the basis of your experience.

Seasonal fruit farm workers

1.Berry picking

In this job, you can do part-time and full-time positions available for the job seekers during the time of growing and harvesting seasons.

2.Apple Farmer

People can apply for part-time and full-time positions. This job is available for the harvesting season.

3.Fruit Processor

You have to be responsible for preparing fruit on the site, cutting the apple and moving it to the shipping area.

4.Fruit Packer

This job is much easier, and you just have to take the fruit into the box. You can get both part-time and full-time job in this field.

5.Fruit Tester

You just have to pick fruits and check whether they are rotten or not. Part-time and Full-time jobs are available.

6.Fruit Picker

In this job, you just have to pick up the fruit from trees and move it to the packing place. Fruit pickers have to pack fruits into boxes, crates and pallets according to the customer’s order.

Here are more Seasonal fruit farm workers:

-Plum Farmer

-Kiwi Farmer

-Grape Farmer

-Tomato Picker

-Berry Picker

-Emst Handel

-Farm Worker

Steps to Apply for Seasonal fruit farm workers 

Most of the jobs have a really long time or have to give months on it, but for farm workers, you just need to give a certain time in the period of harvest. Moreover, These jobs are perfect for those who doesn’t have a plan to move to Canada and UK for a certain period. So, it seems a fantastic idea knowing the things for earning money. In order to help you to get the jobs, Here are the steps to land seasonal fruit farm workers.

Step 1: Find job on best job site in Canada and UK. 

Whenever you are planning to go to Canada and UK for looking for a job. You should look for the job and make sure you have a job waiting for you when you arrive. Seasonal fruit farm work is the best job to do in the time of harvest. 

These sites focus on the special job that you can join, which has a majority of fruit and help to choose a potential employer.

Here are the jobs links for Seasonal fruit farm work in Canada:

2.Canadian job bank

4.BC Cherry Association

5.Carcajou Fruit

Here are the jobs links for Seasonal fruit farm work in UK:



Step 2: Start your Visa Program

Before applying for seasonal fruit farm workers, you should be on the way to play out. According to your country of origin, you should be able to go to Canada by different routes.
Therefore, seasonal fruit farm workers are seasonal so you need to apply for Temporary Foreign Worker Permit to be able to work.

So, you must have a better understanding on farm primary agriculture which means you have to apply for Canadian National Occupational Classification like a code 0821, 0822, 8252, 8255, 8431, 8432.

Step 3: Make a Canada or UK friendly CV

While apply for jobs in Canada and UK, you must be able to have all the documentation which is needed for Canadian and UK employers. Moreover, if you cannot get better documentation to get a job. For example, if you cannot have proper documentation, then you cannot get seasonal fruit farm workers. Having a better curriculum vitae(CV) or resume will help to land a job.

Here are some rules for a good CV for getting a job in Canada and UK
1.Be Truthful
2.Have Clear Contact Details
3.Choose a Clear Layout


In this article, you can get many things about Seasonal fruit farm workers, like How to apply for a seasonal fruit farm, what things are needed?, How to make better documentation?, and what to do before going to Canada and UK. If you are thinking to apply for a job on a fruit farm, then this blog will help you to understand better and make it easier to apply for the job you want.


How much do seasonal fruit farm workers earn?

These farm workers have different salaries depending on the level of work, crop, and region of the country. You can earn about $25 or more while working and it may differ according to your experience.

Do I need specific skills to be a seasonal fruit farm worker?

No, you don’t need any requirements to work in this field. You must be above 18 to work in a fruit farm.

Is a farm worker a good career in Canada and UK?

Yes, this is a good career to be able to work as a farm worker. This job is both rewarding and profitable.

Is it hard to get a seasonal fruit farm worker?

No, it is not hard to get a seasonal fruit farm worker. You can get these jobs due to short-time jobs and lots of people are needed to work in the field.

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