You should Know before rent taxi in Kathmandu

rent taxi in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu, renting a taxi is much easier nowadays. You can rent a taxi using various mediums online and offline. However, there are many circumstances like age restrictions, penalties, and more to consider while renting. You should have the proper knowledge and know how to book or rent a taxi. You can not only rent a taxi in Kathmandu but in various places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, and many more locations in Nepal.

Lots of online and offline renting companies have been providing the best services for the people of Kathmandu. In this blog, we will talk about What is taxi renting, How to rent a taxi in Kathmandu, Taxi renting service companies in KTM, fare prices for taxi rent in KTM, and many other topics discussed. Moreover, there are lots of Things to Know before renting a taxi in Kathmandu.

rent taxi in Kathmandu

What is taxi renting?

Renting is an act of paying for the use of something from others for a certain interval of time. Taxi renting is the process of paying a certain amount to the taxi owner in order to use the taxi for a certain amount of time. People rent a taxi to go for long drives with their family and relatives.

How to rent a taxi in Kathmandu?

In Kathmandu, you can book your taxi at a low cost with better performance. We can find many online and offline booking or renting taxi services in Kathmandu. As we know, there are many startups who are trying to give the best taxi for their customer to use in any place at any time. You can rent taxi in Kathmandu via an online and offline medium.

Using an online medium

There are many online web portals and applications from which you can book your taxi by following the below steps:

  • You can download the application
  • Need to look at the taxi pictures and check the condition of the taxi.
  • If you like the condition then, pay the fare price of renting the taxi.

Using an offline medium

In Kathmandu, you can see many companies and startup rental services on the city’s roads. You can just make a call, and company people will show you their taxi. If you like the condition and price of renting the taxi, you can book hand-to-hand with the rental service provider.

Here are the steps to How to sign up in inDriver app in Nepal. And use the service.

Taxi renting service company in KTM

Taxi renting services in Kathmandu are growing day by day. If you are planning to go on a trip to different places or you can go to enjoy places with your friends using the best renting service. Here is the taxi renting service company in KTM.

Book Cab Now

Nepal Cabs Service


Kathmandu Car Rental Services

Everest Cab Services 

Smile Car Rental

Vehicles Rental Nepal

Metro Online Taxi

Tourist Vehicle Service

Fare price for taxi rent in Kathmandu

Small Budget Segment Car Rental in Kathmandu

Vehicle (Car Type)Passengers (Seater)Rate Per KmsDriver Allowance(Per Day)
Non AC Indica/Alto4 + DriverRs 9Rs.200
AC Indica/Alto4 + DriverRs 10Rs 200
Non AC Indigo4 + DriverRs 9 to Rs 10Rs 200
AC Indigo4 + DriverRs 10 to Rs 11Rs 200
Maruti Swift4 + DriverRs 11Rs 200
Ambassador4 + DriverRs 9 to Rs 10Rs 200
Etios4 + DriverRs 10 to Rs 12Rs 200
Swift DZire4 + DriverRs 11 to Rs 12Rs 200
Hyundai Santro4 + DriverRs 10Rs 200

Mid and Large Segment Car Rental in Kathmandu

Toyota Corolla4 + DriverRs 25Rs 300
Honda City4 + DriverRs 22Rs 300
Tata Winger6 + DriverRs 18Rs 300
Xylo6 + DriverRs 12 to Rs 15Rs 200
Non AC Tavera6 + DriverRs 10 to Rs 11Rs 200
AC Tavera6 + DriverRs 11 to Rs 13Rs 200
AC Innova6 + DriverRs 12 to Rs 14Rs 200
Non AC Tempo Traveller11 + DriverRs 16 to Rs 18Rs 300
AC Tempo Traveller11 + DriverRs 18 to Rs 20Rs 300

SUV – MUV Segment Car Rentals from Kathmandu

Toyota Fortuner7 + DriverRs 37Rs 300
Ford Endeavour7 + DriverRs 37Rs 300
Hyundai Santa FE7 + DriverRs 37Rs 300
Tata Safari7 + DriverRs 15Rs 300
Toyota Landcruiser Prado5 + DriverOn request 
Mahindra Scorpio7 + DriverRs 15Rs 300

Luxury Car Rentals (Hire) in Kathmandu

Mercedes (S Class, C Class, E Class)4 + DriverRs 45 – Rs 60Rs 400
Audi (A8, A6, A4)4 + DriverRs 55Rs 400
BMW (7 Series, 5 Series, 3 Series)4 + DriverRs 45 – Rs 60Rs 400
Honda Accord4 + DriverRs 26Rs 400
Toyota Camry4 + DriverRs 32Rs 400
Vintage Cars On Request 
Limousine On Request

Terms and Conditions to rent a taxi in Kathmandu

  • There is a minimum charge for driving 250 per day.
  • All the toll tax, parking, and other taxes rates are added in the actual price.
  • All taxis will use Air Condition.
  • You have to pay as per the KMs.
  • Rental service will not be responsible for being late due to traffic jams.


In this article, we have talked about the things to Know before renting a taxi in Kathmandu with different conditions, rules, and regulations. You will learn about the charge of renting a taxi in Kathmandu, the terms and conditions to rent a taxi, what is taxi renting?, how can you rent a taxi in Kathmandu and many more. These things will help to rent a taxi much easier, faster, and without being scammed.

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