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Driverless cars possibly in Nepal/India 8 things to know

Driverless cars
Driverless cars possibly in Nepal/India

Driverless cars are the future of the world. People love these driverless technologies because they can go anywhere in the world without driving sleepless nights, and it makes the chance of an accident zero. A self-driving car or robotic car is possible due to the automation of the car, which has the capacity to sense its environment and move safely. Lots of countries are importing Driverless cars, and people love these cars due to its feature and improvements.

Self-driving cars have lots of sensors like thermographic cameras, radar, GPS, odometry, and inertial measurement units. Moreover, it has an advanced control system using the sensors to have proper navigation and solve the errors of the surrounding with it. Today, we will talk about driverless cars possibly in Nepal/India, roads condition for self driving cars, is it possible to drive driverless car in Nepal, features of driverless cars, and more.

What are the things needed to start driverless cars in Nepal/India?

As we know, robotic cars have a quicker reaction than most drivers. It doesn’t get tired, lose consciousness, or become aggressive. They do not get hungry or need to sleep from time to time. It can just run when you have a battery charge. There are many things that driverless cars can help us with not only in self-driving but in our daily life.

Driverless cars possibly in Nepal/India

As the government of Nepal/India is widely working on the possibility of starting driverless cars, which is the future of the world. There are lots of works like to make necessary policies, infrastructure, logistics, and awareness to the people. Moreover, the government is trying to improve the condition of the roads for the use of these cars.

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Here, we will talk about the things that we will need to get benefit from driverless cars:

As we know, there are many things before importing driverless cars. The government has to make rules and regulations on driverless cars. Moreover, they have to add new rules to the Driverless cars by making changes in the code. As the condition of the road and lack of technology government have to make lots of improvement and add new technology.

Google has to improve the geolocate of the exact destination of the car. Due to lack of street names, house maps in digital structure, lack of road checking, and less data on the condition of roads. Therefore, google map has to detect the position of the vehicles using virtual reality so that robotics cars can know where to turn and which route to go.

Self-driving cars have to add olfactory(can detect the order) sensors to follow the odor emitting from the sewage canal of Nepal/India roads to make it to the destination.

Artificial intelligence of driverless cars can detect the large sinkhole on the roads of India/Nepal. Due to the sinkhole, there are lots of accidents by AI the accident number will decrease.

First, If the transportation office allows the motorcycles to be driverless, then the data from the motorcycles driverless will give the road conditions and a map of the road. In order to improve the efficiency of driverless cars.

If we import driverless cars, it will be challenging to run without proper software rewriting the vehicles to follow the rules and the smart traffic lights.

On the highways of Nepal/India, when a vehicle gives the right signal, it means that the robotics car can overtake them safely. These features have to add to driverless vehicles to improve their quality and safety.

These self-driving vehicles have to be added to the rules and regulations of the country.

The part of self-driving cars is that we can drink and drive without police tension.

How is EV chaining the way we travel?

As we know, EVs is taking over the vehicles in the world. In times of fuel shortage and price increases, people are looking at the EV to save their money and find easy ways to use them. People love robotics vehicles because they need not worry if they feel tired or not feeling weak. Moreover, EV vehicles will decrease the number of accidents and reduce the tension of police checking. In long-distance driving, you can use self-driving and sleep in the vehicle. We can find many EVs vehicles with self-driving and lots of new features like Waymo, Uber, Tesla, Neta V, and many more.


We have talked about Driverless cars with the possibility in Nepal and India. Moreover, you will learn about the things needed to start driverless cars in the country. Those points need to be implemented so then we can use driverless cars in our country. We talked about the benefits we get from the driverless cars. In addition, you will learn about Driverless cars, possibly in Nepal/India, define Driverless, How is EV changing the way we travel, how driverless cars are talking over the vehicle industry, and many more.

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