How to apply driving license in Qatar 2022

driving license in Qatar
driving license in Qatar
How to apply driving license in Qatar 2022

If you want to drive on the road of Qatar, then you need to apply for a driving license in Qatar. You must be 18 years of age or more than 18 years for light vehicles and 21 years of age for heavy vehicle driving licenses in Qatar. Moreover, you need to be physically fit and have a level of driving proficiency.

As we all know, applying for a driving license in Qatar is easy and needs various documents at the new place named as new Madinat khalifa traffic department building. This building is open from 7 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm throughout the week.

In addition, you need to print out the form and fill it in Arabic, or you can translate the form using a typing service that is available near the traffic department building. You must be first eligible for the driving license and pass a driving test by an approved driving test center.

Requirements to apply driving license in Qatar 2022

There are not a lot of requirements for applying for a driving license in Qatar. You need to fill out the below requirements in order to start the initial process of the license form:

  • Qatar resident
  • Age requirement
  • Physical fitness
  • Driving test from approved driving school

Qatar resident

You need to have a valid residence permit or Qatar citizenship so that you can apply for a Qatar driving license. In another case, you need to have a visa copy and original passport to apply for a driving license in Qatar.

Age requirement

If you are going to apply, then the minimum age for the light vehicle is 18 years and 21 years old in order to apply for heavy vehicles.

Physical fitness

We know that for driving, you need to have the excellent physical condition to drive from one place to another place. In addition, physical fitness is required in order to have a better sensory response while driving. As per Qatar rules, you need to give an eye test that is required to apply for a driving license in Qatar. So, test your eye in the eye test center or in some driving school which is only valid.

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Driving license procedure in Qatar

At first, you have to enroll in an approved driving school and submit all the required documents to your preferred drive test center. Note: if you have a valid driving license of another country then you can apply for the simpler driving course than beginner course.

  1. Must have a Qatar ID card or provide an original passport and one copy of the passport.
  2. Four recent colored photos( passport size)
  3. Get a No Objection Certificate(NOC) from the sponsor. (you can get a sponsor from the Moi website or Metrash 2 app)
  4. Get an eye test
  5. Take the printout of the application form and fill out the form.
  6. Take a driving lesson and pay the fee.

Is my country license valid in Qatar?

  • If you are a foreigner and applying for the Qatar country driving license, then check whether the driving license is valid for exchange or direct test. According to the country, there is a difference in the eligibility for a driving license.
  • Some driving licenses from a limited country can be directly exchanged to Qatar driving licenses without a driving test.
  • Driving license of some countries is eligible for a direct road test without any driving course.
  • Your country license may be eligible for a short training course.

How to apply for No Objection Certificate or NOC?

NOC applicants have to get their sponsor in writing as some time before. Moreover, you can apply for online approval through the MOI website or the Metrash2 mobile app.

Steps to apply for the driving license on the Metrash2 Mobile app

First, login in the Metrash2

Click on 

License service
License NOC

Fill up the sponsored person’s QID or Visa number

Click on the “New Issue”

Choose driving license category

Enter your email id

Now, confirm after reviewing the given details.

Steps to apply for the driving license on the MOI website:

  1. Visit the E-Services page of the MOI website.
  2. Choose “Traffic Services.”
  3. Click on “Driving License.”
  4. Complete the form and submit it.
  5. You will get a sponsor notification after you are approved.

Price to get a driving license in Qatar?

The price of the driving license differs according to Qataris and Non-Qataris. So, the below price is only for the license card. It doesn’t include the driving course fee.

Driving license fee for Qataris

Licence TypePriceValidity
Motorcycle300 QR10 years
Light Vehicle500 QR10 years
Heavy Vehicle600 QR10 years
Driving permit to limousine, taxi, and public transport vehicles250 QrYearly
Drive learning license (any vehicles)150 QR3 Months

Driving license fees for Non-Qataris

License TypePriceValidity
Motorcycle150 QR5 years
Light Vehicle250 QR5 years
Heavy Vehicle300 QR5 years
Drive learning license (any vehicles)150 QR3 Months
Driving permit to limousine, taxi, and public transport vehicles250 QrYearly


In the above article, you can learn about How to apply driving license in Qatar 2022. Now, you can get your Qatar driving license easily with the help of our article. If you are planning to go to Qatar or you are going to live there, then you must get a Qatar driving license. In addition, We have talked about the requirements to apply for a driving license in Qatar.


How much does an eye test for a driving license in Qatar cost?

The cost ranges from 25 Qatari to 50 Qatari riyals.

Can i practice using my own car?

No, you cannot use your own car. You have to use an authorized vehicle that a driving school owns.

Is it easy to get a driving license?

Getting a driving license depends on your confidence and driving skill.

How to exchange driving license of my country to a Qatar license?

Some countries are allowed to exchange driving licenses of your country.

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