Pros and Cons of electric vehicles from the perspective of Nepal 4 things to know

Pros and Cons of electric vehicles

Pros and Cons of electric vehicles: Electric vehicles are the burning topic and the future of vehicles in the world. It is a vehicle that runs by using electricity and wheels to move. EVs are the first kind of vehicle that doesn’t use a horse or human power. These vehicles are low on cost and have to spend less amount of money to take care of. With this burning price of petroleum fuel, an electric vehicle is the best way to decrease fuel use and save the environment.

Today we will talk about the pros and cons of electric vehicles from the perspective of Nepal, the Electric segment, Electric Cars, Ev stations, EV power stations, Ev guide EV pros, and many more.

Pros and Cons of electric vehicles

There are lots of pros and some cons while using electric vehicles as compared to conventional gasoline power vehicles. Let’s first look at the pros of electric vehicles from the perspective of Nepal.

Pros of electric vehicles

Here is the list of pros of electric vehicles:

1.EV’s vehicle are energy efficient

2.Reduce the use of petroleum fuel

3.Have high performance

4.Need of lower maintenance

EV’s vehicle are energy efficient

Energy efficient means the total amount of energy that is converted into actual energy to power the wheels of the vehicle. We all know that EVs are far better and more efficient than conventional gas-powered vehicles.

AEV batteries convert about 59 to 62 percent of power into vehicle movement, but gas powered vehicles can only convert about 17 to 21 percent. This means that the energy used to charge the battery has more powering the vehicle than used for filling a gas pump.

Reduce the use of petroleum fuel

Reducing of usage of fuel is a pro for all-electric vehicles because more people are attracted to recharge and use of electric vehicles. When you drive an electric vehicle, you relay on the charge on the battery, which decreases the pollution increase in Nepal and saves you from the price increase in petroleum fuel.

Have high performance

The electric vehicle has high performance with a quiet motor and needs less maintenance without any use of combustion engines. While driving, the speed and control are quite good, which can be more fun. AEV has a really quick motor which makes it responsive with good torque.

Need of lower maintenance 

As compared to gas-powered cars, EVs have much far better-moving parts. When a vehicle has fewer moving parts, it means you have fewer things to replace and break down. Moreover, it doesn’t require any oil changes. These are the things that make people more attracted to using an electric vehicle.

Cons of electric vehicles

Here is the list of the cons of electric vehicles:

1.Limitation on travel distance
2.Takes longer time to recharge or refuel
3.More expensive to buy
4.Find a charging station

Limitation on distance travel

AEVs have a shorter range than gas-powered vehicles. Most of EVs range from about 60 to 120 miles per full charge. Moreover, some of luxury models can reach about 300 miles per charge. But the gas-powered vehicles can range about 300 miles on a full tank of gas. So if your gas runs out, you can find many gas stations, but there are not many EV charging ports.

Takes longer time to recharge or refuel

When it’s time to recharge the EVs, it takes more time than the gas-powered vehicle. Full recharging of the battery may take about 8 hours or some fast charging stations may take about 30 to charge about 80 percent. EVs owner has to check the charging ports and plan on going any far place according to Nepal road and charging ports.

More expensive to buy

The battery packs are more expensive, and you may have to replace the battery more than once while owning. All EVs are more expensive than gas powered vehicles due to expensive batteries and other systems.
If you want to know about the EVs price in Nepal: Electric car price in Nepal 2022.

Find a charging station

In the condition of Nepal, there are not many electric vehicles charging stations. Due to fewer charging stations, the owner cannot go to long-distance travel and have to charge in houses using the charge. So, you must check the EVs charge station near you or where you are going.


1.What is the range of electric cars?
The range has differences according to the model. Many of the models of 2021 has ranges over 200 miles per charge.

2.Are electric vehicles (EVs) better for the environment?
Yes, an electric vehicle is better for the environment.

3.How much time does it take to charge an electric vehicle?
It differences according to the size of batteries, rate of charge, and many more.

4.How long EVs batteries last?
It has warranties of about 5 to 8 years for the EVs batteries.

5.How to find a charging station?
You can open the charge map, plug share, and alternate fueling stations.

6.Which is the new electric car launch in nepal?

In Nepal Chaudhary Group Launch there 1st Electric Car in Nepal Name Neta V.

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