Driving rules in Nepali Road 3 Things You Should Know

Driving rules in Nepali Road
Driving rules in Nepali Road

In Nepal, there are many rules but they are not so much effective in the field. However, being a human, we should always follow the rule and make sure that others also follow the rule in order to make the road safe and in good condition. So, everyone should know the driving rules in Nepali road.

While driving in the roads of Nepal, people just ignore the rules many times. In order to make the roads safe, there are many traffic rules, and the officer checks whether the rules are being followed or not. If you break a rule and any officer catches you, then you will be charged an amount for breaking the rule.

Driving rules in Nepali Road

We all know many of the rules which are essential in our daily, but there are some rules we don’t know and may break it sometime. So here, we will show you the rules and regulations on Nepali roads.

Signs used in Nepal road

Signs are the important things while walking, driving, or sitting in any public place. These signs help you to understand like: Road is under construction, no road, or while crossing the road.

driving rules in nepal road

The most use of these signs is in the Nepal driving license exam. These signs show the limitation of speed on the road, which side to work on, where construction is going on, and many more.

Zebra crossing rule in Nepal

The Zebra crossing rule is in most parts of Nepal, but the zebra crossing rule is not followed by the people. There are many places where zebra crossing is created in roads but without a traffic light, that’s why people don’t follow the rules.

Everyone should cross the road by using the zebra crossing and follow the rule. If rules are being followed, then the number of accidents decreases and people become safe while walking and driving their vehicles.

Speed limit in Nepal road

While driving vehicle on the road, the speed limit is not fixed. So, the driver or rider has to look at the road signs to know the speed limit of the vehicle on Nepal road. You should always check the road signs and ride your vehicle so that you won’t be fined.

Lane rule in Nepal

Lane rule is also not followed in Nepal. In the middle of the road, there is a bold line which means the vehicle is not allowed to cross the line. Moreover, dotted lines mean the vehicle can cross the line but carefully.

Talking on the phone in Nepal

While driving your vehicle, you are not allowed to talk with anyone on the phone. But many people don’t follow the rule, and some people are getting fine day by day. 

Rules of the Nepal Road

Whether you are driving a car, bike, or any other vehicle. You should always follow the rules.

Here is the most important list of Rules of the Road:

-Always drive on the left side of the road.

-You can take the left turning without stopping.

– Mostly, use the horn in any situation.

– Provide a way for the bigger vehicles like trucks and buses due to the one-way road condition of Nepal.

-Follow the traffic rule.

-Driving after consumption is prohibited by the traffic rule.

-Keeping any object or sitting on the bus roof is prohibited.


On which side of road we should walk in Nepal road?

According to the traffic rule, you should always walk on the left side of the road.

Can I drive in Nepal?

You must have a Nepali license or international driver’s permit to drive in Nepal.

What is the First rule of the Nepali road?

Always be relaxed and take it easy while driving a vehicle.

Most important thing while driving?

Always put the seat belt on while driving a four or six-wheeler or put on your helmet while driving two-wheeler.

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