HGV driver jobs in Canada with sponsorship, 5 Jobs to Apply

HGV driver jobs in Canada

HGV driver jobs in Canada are adding day by day because there are no of people who drive HGV. Certainly, there are many numbers of driving jobs in Canada for foreigners. The company owner or delivery services are seeking lots of motivated people for the position of HGV driver. So, the HGV driver jobs in Canada with sponsorship will be easier with skill and proper documentation.

HGV driver is a full-time, permanent position in which you have to drive for a long time and keep the product or goods in good condition until delivery. HGV driver is considered as the maximum hard and humorous occupation who have a permit to drive throughout the complete country without any expense. 

HGV driver jobs requirements in Canada with sponsorship

HGV driver jobs in Canada with sponsorship

HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) driver main task is to transport goods from one location to another location to move items from suppliers to customers in places locally, nationally, and internationally. As an HGV driver, you have to spend lots of time on the road and be away from home. There were about 324,200 people getting truck driver jobs in Canada for foreigners in 2021. Here are the things trucking companies that sponsor immigrants wants things from HGV drivers.

Company requirements to become an HGV driver

HGV driver jobs in Canada have to work full-time, weekend, overtime, night and evening work due to long distance riding.
-Having a secondary school diploma may be an additional point.
-Experience of driving heavy duty is a plus point.
-Must have basic or functional English knowledge to communicate 
-Must have certificates, licenses, courses, and other important documents will be required.
-Driver’s license should be valid.
-Driver must have knowledge of the Safety and Security of the vehicle.
-Driver should have been legally permitted to work in Canada.

Skills required to become an HGV driver.

-You should have good knowledge of how to operate and drive straight while transporting products and supplies.
– Loading and unloading of goods or products must check the cargo safety and security.
– Good knowledge of planning your trip route on a map and delivering products.
-Always be updated on receiving, road, weather, and get messages up to date.
– Have a good knowledge of HGV vehicles to inspect and check the condition of the vehicle.

How much do HGV drivers earn?

Salary of HGV drivers earn according to the province:

ProvinceAverage salary (CAD)
British Columbia$48,905
Northwest Territories$52,650

Top companies for Truck Drivers in Canada

RWR Trucking Inc
Industry: Shipping & Trucking
Salary: $39.26 per hour

Herc Rentals
Industry: Construction, Repair & Maintenance Services
Salary: $37.78 per hour

Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Salary: $36.50 per hour

Bulldog Energy Group
Industry:Transportation & Logistics
Salary: $34.60 per hour

Pride Group Logistics
Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Salary: $33.83 per hour

You can find many other jobs with great earnings: Find Jobs in Canada without Skill Top 14 Jobs in Canada

 Why is there a shortage of HGV drivers?

According to Road Haulage Association, there is a shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers due to COVID-19 and other reasons. During the time of covid-19 about 70,000 HGV driver left their job which is the main reason for the shortage of HGV drivers.

Another main reason is drivers have low wages and less favorable terms before covid-19. The salary for HGV drivers was similar for about 15 years. Drivers have to work for a long time and disbalance their social life with less salary making HGV drivers to leave their job.

The government is trying to give visas to more number of people from a foreign countries with better food and clothing services to HGV drivers. Moreover, the Europe government is trying to train new drivers and provide more benefits to the drivers. Lots of people from a foreign countries are getting free visa driver jobs in Canada, truck driving jobs with visa sponsorship, and truck driver jobs in Canada for Pakistani.


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