How to renew Bluebook in Nepal | Why we need to renew Bluebook?

renew Bluebook in Nepal

Being in a society, we have to pay many taxes for goods, services, roads, and many more. Therefore, Paying road tax is the duty of a citizen of the country. To pay tax yearly on owners’ vehicles, we have to give some hours of our day to go to the Transportation Management Office of your zones. In these places, it is always filled with people who are there to pay taxes during the end of the Nepali year or fiscal period. Therefore, In this article you get to know How to renew Bluebook in Nepal | Why we need to renew Bluebook?.

Today we will talk about How to renew a bluebook in Nepal, What is Bluebook, Bluebook Valid Date, How to renew, Risk when bluebook is renew failed, Where to renew, Cost for renewal ,Is insurance required for renewal, and many more

What is Bluebook?

Bluebook or Bill Book is a small document that contains the data or information about the vehicle and ownership. In this book, we will see the information of vehicle owner like Photo, Name, address and many more. Moreover, it also has information about the vehicle number, engine number, vehicle CC, etc.

While you are driving, always carry a bluebook so that the traffic will know the vehicle owner in order to stop the vehicle thief. In addition, all vehicle owners should have a bluebook; if not vehicle will be considered illegal.

Bluebook renew in nepal | Why we need to renew Bluebook

How to renew Bluebook in nepal ?

  1. Go to Transportation Management Office (Yatayat Bebastha Karyala/यातायात व्यवस्था कार्यालय)

2. Now, get your vehicle third party insurance. Near the Yatayat office, you can find many insurance company offices.

3. You need to stay in line to pay the yearly charge in one of the counters. An officer takes your bluebook and calculates an amount for paying the yearly charge.

4.After paying the charge, you will get your bill book back and submit your receipt of payment with insurance papers. After that, give all documents to another window.

5. when you get your window from another window. You have to make sure you get everything on the paper(stamps/signatures/dates). Every year you have to renew your bluebook at the same time.

Cost for renewal of Bluebook

Two wheelers tax rate:

1Up to 1252800
5401- Higher16500

You have to pay Rs.100 for the renewal charge.

Two wheelers Third Party Insurance Policy Rate:

S.NEngine(CC)Policy Rate(RS)
1Up to 1501715
2151 to 2501941
3251 and higher2167

Four Wheeler Tax Rate:

S.NEngine (CC)Tax Rate (In Rs.)
1Up to 100021000
62901 and higher58500

You have to pay about Rs 200 for the renewal charge

Third Party Insurance for four wheelers

S.NEngine (CC)Policy Rate (In Rs.)
1Up to 10007365
21001 to 16008495
31601 and higher10747

If you have forgotten to renew of bluebook before the expiry date then,
you have to pay a percentage of the fine on the tax amount:

S.NDays after 3 months of the expiryFine (In %)
1First 30 Days5
2Up to 45 Days10 
3Up to the same fiscal year20
4Up to 5 years (per/year)32 

Two Wheelers Electric Vehicle Tax Rate.

S.NBattery power (Watt)Tax rate ( In Rs.)
1350 to 10001500
21001 to 15002000
31501 and higher3000

Four Wheelers Electric vehicle Tax Rate.

S.NBattery power (KW)Tax rate ( In Rs.)
150 to 12515000
2126 to 22520000
3226 and high30000

Want to know more about the tax and many other vehicles tax then follow this link :Department of Transport Management.


What is the Bluebook Valid Date?

When you renew a bluebook there will be a date which shows that the bluebook is valid for the given date. Therefore, you have to renew your bluebook before the given date.

What is the Risk when bluebook is renew failed?

If the bluebook renewal is not done on the given date then, you have to pay a fine according to vehicles.

Where to renew Bluebook?

You can find the DOTM office near your location and renew your bluebook.

Is insurance required for renewal?

Yes, it is necessary to insurance your vehicles while bluebook renewal.

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  1. Are you sure that below 125 Cc two wheelers cost 2800 i think it only costs 2700. Please make sure before posting good luck. Make sure which Provience tax you are posting i only mentioned of two wheelers i think there is also mistake in four wheelers in different category

    1. The cost bluebook renewal is Rs.2800 According to DOTM office webpage.

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