Electric scooter price in Nepal 2022

Electric scooter price
Electric scooter price

In this time of increasing petrol prices in Nepal, an Electric scooter is the best way to save your money and the environment. Due to an increase in Petrol price rising, we change our petrol and diesel vehicles to electronic vehicles. There are many electric scooters so that you can choose according to your need for power and durability. Today we will talk about the Electric scooter price in Nepal 2022.

The use of a scooter is the most common means of a vehicle in many parts of Nepal. In addition, a scooter has a light and certain amount of power to run for a certain distance. Mainly, women of Nepal love to ride scooters due to their weight and no need for gear.

An electric scooter has no different than a petrol scooter. For some years, an electric scooter was dull, with less design and fewer features. Now, you can find it more attractive and made with lots of features. Therefore, people are going crazy to buy new Electronic vehicles due to no need for petrol and new good design.

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List of Electric Scooter Price in Nepal 2022


TailG Electric scooter price in Nepal 2022

TailG is a product that made an entry during the lockdown period of the Nepali market last year. It has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. TailG is a product of YOMAMA E. Motors Pvt.Ltd.

This company main authorized distributors have revealed both electric scooters and electric bikes. So now, this company is selling different E-scooters in Nepal.

Here are the list of TailG scooters:
1.TAILG Lion – Rs.183000
2.TAILG Tiger – Rs.183000
3.TAILF Leopard – Rs.210000


Motor2.5 Kw
Battery1.9 Kw
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Range85 Km
Top Speed51 Kmph
Charging Time6 Hours
Tyres 90/80 -12
Tubeless TyresYes


Niu Electric scooter price in Nepal 2022

NIU is one of the most numbers of electric scooters imported to Nepal. This company brand has been selling its E-scooter in Nepal before the lockdown. About two models of scooters are available in Nepal, but it has about 7 models of e-scooter. It has Lithium ION Panasonic batteries and runs about 70 Km range after its full-power charge.

Here is the list of NIU E-Scooter 

NIU NQi GT – Rs. 445000

NIU MQi GT – Rs. 435000

NIU GOVA 05 – Rs. 345000

NIU N Sport – Rs. 310000

NIU GOVA 03 – Rs.255000


Peak Power600W
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Range40-50 Km
Top Speed35 Kmph
Charging Time5 Hours
Tyres 16 * 2.5 – Disc
Tubeless TyresYes
ColorsBlue, Orange, Yellow and White
Ground Clearance160 mm

Super Soco

Super soco Electric scooter price in Nepal 2022

Super Soco is the recent product which has started to sell in Nepal as Super Soco CUX via D-LifeStyle. It has the capacity to run about 95 km by doing a full charge. Its price ranges from about Rs 1,790,800 in Nepal.

Here are the list of Niu E-scooter

Super Soco CU Mini – Rs.1,79,900

Super Soco CUx – Rs. 2,49,900

Super Soco CPx – Rs. 4,59,900


Motor (W)3000 
Battery 60V 30AH
Battery typeLithium-ion
Top speed (kmph)80
Range (km)80 (single battery), 160 (double battery)
Charging time 3.5 hours
Braking typeCombined braking system 
Seat height (mm)770
Kerb weight (Kg)72
Ground clearance (mm)198

Pure EV

Pure EV Electric scooter price in Nepal 2022

PureEV is one of the new and best Electric Scooter brands in India. Pure EV has given its authorized distributor to White Lotus Group Nepal. As a result, it has been selling two e-scooters in Nepal.

Here are both E-Scooters

Pure EV ePluto 7G – Rs.275000


Range80 km/charge
Motor TypeBrushless Hub Motor
Motor Power1800 W
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Fuel TypeElectric
ABSDual Channel
Wheels TypeAlloy
Tyre TypeTubeless
Standard Warranty (Years)2


Segway Electric scooter price in Nepal 2022

Segway, it is popular and has a high-selling E-Scooter brand globally. It started selling E-125 in Nepal on April 2, 2022. It has a manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, Moden and minimalist design matrix LED headlights, automatic side-light indicator.

Here is the list of Segway Ninebot Scooters

Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro – Rs. 285000

Segway Ninebot E100 – Rs. 290000

Segway Ninebot E125 – Rs. 390000


Motor (W)1800W
Battery 72V20Ah
Battery typeLithium-ion
Top speed (kmph)58Kmph
Range (km)60-100Km
Charging time 7-8 hours
Braking typestandard
Loading Capacity150 kg
Kerb weight (Kg)68Kg



Yadea has given an authorized distributor to Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd. to sell Yadea scooters in Nepal. It has about three Yadea e-scooters introduced in the offical market. Yadea has a popular premium scooter, has a premium design, using next generation technology with modern features.

Here is the list of Yadea E-Scooter:

Yadea C1S – Rs.350000
Yadea G5 – Rs.330000
Yadea S-Like – Rs. 230000

Yadea C1S Specifications

Motor1800 W
Peak Power2200W
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Range60-80 Km
Top Speed60 Kmph
Charging Time6 Hours
Tyres 90/90-12 (front)
100/80-12 (rear)
Tubeless TyresYes
ColorsWhite, Black, Red, Blue, Gray
Ground Clearance160 mm



Lvneng has given its authorized distributor to Nepal Motors Pvt. Ltd. It has about a total of eight different types of EV scooters. Moreover, you can see a futuristic appearance that you will love it.

In this company, you can find a variety of electric vehicles (EV) with a variety of pricing.

Here are the list of Lvneng Scooters:

Lvneng LX 04 – Rs. 209000  

 Lvneng LX 01 – Rs. 249000  

  Lvneng LX 02 – Rs. 249000  

  Lvneng LX 05 – Rs. 295000  

  Lvneng LX 08 – Rs. 295000  

  Lvneng LX 06 – Rs. 329000  

  Lvneng LX 05-D – Rs. 369000  

LVNENG LX04 Specifications

Motor1,4 KW
Peak PowerN/A
Battery TypeSamsung Lithium-Ion
Range75 Km
Top Speed45 Kmph
Charging Time6 Hours
Tyres 80/100 -Disc
Tubeless TyresYes
ColorsWhite, Black, Red, Blue, Gray
Ground Clearance160 mm

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