How to convert Nepali license to Australia 10 Tips

How to convert Nepali license to Australia

When you have a valid Nepali driving license, then you can apply for conversion of your Nepali permit to Australia. Moreover, you need to follow some rules and regulations before going on the Australian road then only you can convert Nepali license. 

Having an international license will not only help in your daily life, but you can apply for jobs in Australia. So, we will show you how to convert the Nepali license to Australia.

In addition, to apply for the international license, you need to be a resident of Australia than a visitor because you can get a three month overseas license. After 3 months, visit a service center and transfer an overseas license to an NSW license.

Documents you need to convert Nepali license to Australia

How to convert Nepali license to Australia

For Permanent Resident

First, You need to have proof of your identity.

Then, Provide your overseas license or Nepali driving license:

-If your overseas license is not in English then you need transport of
NSW Approved translation is needed.

Provide a proof of Australian Permanent resident paper.

Payment : You need to provide a certain amount to get the license.

Fill out the PDF form of the ‘Licence Application.’

In addition, if you are applicable:

  • Provide your Contact lenses or glasses
  • Knowledge test
  • Driving Test
  • Medical test

If you are not a permanent resident, then you have to apply for a Temporary overseas visitor license.

For Temporary residents

You need

  1. Your overseas license.
  2. Identity proof
  3. Contact lenses or glasses
  4. Medical test
  5. Payment
  6. Fill out the ‘Licence Application’

How to apply

  1. Download the PDF file and complete the Licence Application.
  2. Check all the documentation and additional items.
  3. Now, visit the service center and submit your application.

More information

-After you apply for a license the license will be posted to you without any cost.
-Contact 13 77 88 if you didn’t receive your card in 10 working days.


You can now convert your Nepali license to an Australian license by following the above details. Moreover, you can check our site to know how to check a Nepali license online, How to renew a Nepali license from abroad, online driving license in Nepal, and many more.

FAQ Converting Nepali License to Australia

How to check a Nepali license online?
You can send ‘LC <space> [Application ID Number]’ and Send it to 33001. or You can check your Nepali license online Click Here.

How to renew a Nepali license from abroad?
Yes, you can renew the license from abroad by using an online medium but you have to take the license from the near office or your relative can take it from there.

Can I apply for a license from the embassy?
Yes, you can apply for a license from the embassy in some countries. Click here for more info.

Renew nepali license online from australia
No, you cannot renew your Nepali license online but you can send your relative for license renewal.

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