Driver’s jobs salary around the world

Driver's job salary in the world

Driver’s jobs are those who have unique driving abilities to drive vehicles to complete their job responsibilities. Many automotive companies test their vehicles, and many job positions are opening daily. In addition, Delivery companies need drivers for their delivery vehicles to deliver their products to residential properties or business areas. Let’s see how much is the driver’s jobs salary around the world.

People who enjoy driving or want to earn a good amount of money can pursue their carrier as a driver with their driving skills. When you have a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and better transportation, you can have any job related to the delivery driver for a delivery service company or any restaurant. If you want a driving job, It would be best if you looked into a job search website for drivers.

High-paying driver’s jobs salary

Driver's salary

Many types of driving jobs pay well according to your skill and experience. In addition, being a driver will provide you with an excellent way to travel places and earn money.

Delivery Driver

Average salary: $28,350 per year

Most countries hire delivery drivers to deliver their products, hotels deliver food, and business owners take their goods. Their duties is to follow specific instructions and make the delivery on time. After delivering the goods, they have to customers sign for packages to keep the record. The additional duties of the delivery driver are loading and unloading goods, adding fuel after each delivery, and maintaining the vehicles. Many highest-paid truck drivers in the world deliver goods and equipment to the company.

Vacancy in Canada: Delivery Driver

Dump Truck Driver

Average salary: $32,000 per year

Their duties is to shift huge loads from sites like construction and groundwork companies. Moreover, these companies work in collaboration with other workers to make sure of safe removal of goods. Drivers who have experience in construction can assist with this role in companies to do dump truck duties.

Job Vacancy in Europe: Dump Truck Driver

Personal Driver

 Average salary:$30,000 per year

Personal driver refers to the job in which you have to go anyplace according to the client’s desire. For example, there is a difference between taxi drivers who pick up a different place of clients and personal drivers who work for a person or organization. In this job, you must be punctual and polite while with your customer.

Job Vacancy in Australia: Personal Driver

Over-the-road (OTR) Truck Driver

Average salary:$32,000

OTR truck drivers spend their major time driving on motorways, traveling between cities or countries. Companies pay for the training of CPC for working on long routes. Drivers need to travel for a long period of time with fewer stops and travel alone. OTR driver’s role is to drive a company’s goods in different places.

Job vacancy in the UK: Over-the-road (OTR) Truck Driver

Truck driver

Average salary: $35,000 per year

The truck driver has to drive larger hauls and drive a lorry with a larger fleet. Companies offer jobs as apprenticeships or assistant drivers for entry-level roles for becoming truck drivers. Drivers have to maintain vehicles and regularly check for maintenance of vehicles, with the payment by the company.

Job vacancy in Qatar: Truck Driver

Airport Driver
Average salary:$23 000 per year

An airport driver’s main task is to transport passengers between the airport and other locations, such as rental car companies, offices, and conference centers. In addition, airport drivers can work as shuttle drivers while operating a bus or an airport limo driver. Duties like pick up of customers, delivery of passengers, and luggage between airport and passengers site.

Job Vacancy in the USA: Airport Driver


Average salary: 31000 per year

In this job, you have to drive a vehicle and keep the maintenance of the vehicle you are driving. Your main role is to take your client and drop them at their destinations. Some of the chauffeurs take assignments from the company by being private chauffeurs having only one client. 

Job Vacancy in Qatar: Chauffeur

Contract Driver

Average salary: $23,000 per year

When you are a contract driver, you have to drive a vehicle in order to transport things or materials by a contract. You have to take a truck, then pick up the deliver materials and drop off the materials in the location by contract basis. Contract drivers generally own the vehicle which they drive.

Job Vacancy in Australia: Contract Driver


You can get many types of drivers job in the world with good skills and clear documents. So, you have to search best driving jobs with your own car or jobs that involve driving your own car if you have your own vehicles. There are many companies that pay the highest car driver salaries in world.
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