How to Get a Driving License In Nepal

Driving License In Nepal

The government of Nepal Department of transport management has recently published a notice where people can register driving license forms for motorcycles, cars, jeeps, vans, and other heavy vehicles through an online driving license form. Eligible Nepali citizens can fill up their driving license forms from any place in Nepal.

Driving license in Nepal is becoming more systematic than before by using the online medium. The Nepal government distributes driving licenses in all 14 zones of Nepal. According to the Department of transport management license has many categories, which vary from A to K.

Personal use categories are
‘A’ = Both Motorcycles and scooters
‘B’ = Light four-wheelers
‘k’ = scooters
Once you get a Nepal driving license, it has a validity of five years.

Recently, DoTM has a newly started online system for applying for driving licenses. After the launch of the new online system, it canceled previous applications. Therefore, all the before applications have to reapply to the new system.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for applying for a driving license:


Step 1: Log in

Application login for how to fill up driving license in nepal

First, sign up by going to the application login.

You need to provide these details:
-Contact details
-Date of birth

After that,
-Create a strong password
-Choose a security question

When you complete these steps, sign up with your detail. In addition, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, and enter the OTP number.

Step 2: Fill out your details

Filling out personal detail on how to fill up driving license in nepal

You will be directed to a website you need to fill in your details.

Your details include:
-Date of birth
-Blood group
-Guardian’s name and relationship
-Nearest transportation management office

Fill up these details and submit your form. Now, you can process to the next step.

Step 3: Provide address details

Providing address on how to fill up driving license in Nepal

You need to fill in your current and permanent address. Submit your form and go to the next step

Step 4: Citizenship details

Providing citizenship on how to fill up driving license in nepal

In this form, you need to fill in your citizenship details:
-Citizenship number
-Citizenship type
-Issue district
-Issue date
You need to provide an image of the front and backside of your citizenship.

After submitting citizenship details, you need to provide additional details of your citizenship. Like name of your guardian, grandparents, and address on citizenship.

Step 5: Apply for the driving license

Apply for driving license on how to fill up driving license in nepal

After filling above details, you are eligible to apply for a driving license. Then, click on the “apply driving license icon,” you have to:
-first, agree to all the terms and conditions.
-Second, Select the license category.

Step 6: Office selection

Office selection on how to fill up driving license in nepal

You must select the preferred province and office to fill out your license form.
You can apply for urgent; this is for personnel only.

Step 7: Desired date

Get desired date on how to fill up driving license in nepal

Now, you can select the desired date for your test. First, however, you can choose the day the quota is available. After you select the desired date, click on the apply button. An OTA code is sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 8: Payment

Payment of driving license

When you enter your OTP code, you will be directed to another page on which all your application details are there, and you need to proceed with payment.

Clicking on “Proceed with payment.” You will be directed to a home page.
After all of this, the system has recorded your details, and you will get a notification of confirmation about your driving license.

Now, you will have a “Pay now” button and upon clicking the button, you will have a download voucher button. Then, you need to click on the button and get a payment voucher.

Then, you need to download the voucher and print it. You have to go to Rastriya banijya bank to make the payment. After you submit the voucher, get a copy of that.

On the same page, you will get a driving license application form, and you have to print it and bring it with you while visiting the office.

Form submission

Form submission How to Get a Driving License In Nepal

Even if you fill out the form online, you must visit the transport management office to submit your form. The office staff will take your digital photo, collect your signature and biometric details digitally from their computer.
In addition, you need to submit a copy of citizenship and a stamp worth RS 10 with the form. You have to test for color blindness and blood category report and carry them with the form. For all this, you have time from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM on working days.

For more new news for licenses you can follow this link: Notice for New License and add Category

Written Test

Written test for How to Get a Driving License In Nepal

After the registration, you will get the date of your written exam. Then, you must reach for the examination with your original citizenship certificate, admit card, and receipt. In addition, you can prepare for the exam from Nepal driving license exam app.

Examination generally is for half an hour, where you will be asked 20 multiple-choice driving license exam questions in Nepal. You have to get at least ten right answers to qualify for the practical examination. You will get your result on the same day after 4 pm. You can see your name and registration numbers at the entrance gates of the concerned offices.
You can check your result by texting ‘WTApplication ID to 31003, or you can check the DoTM website for the result.

Driving test(Trail)

Trail exam for How to Get a Driving License In Nepal

After passing the written exam, the DoTM office schedules a driving test for you. This test runs every day, but your date is fixed. While coming to a trial exam, you have to carry your original citizenship and receipt of payment with you. You can take your private vehicle or rent a vehicle outside the trail compound.

If you pass your trial, your license is forwarded for driving license. If you fail, you can give a retest after 30 days three times. After three times of retests, if you didn’t pass the exam then, you have to reapply from the beginning.

Getting the card

After passing the trail, you must get admit card within 35 days from the DoTM office or reapply from the beginning. When you receive your admit card, you should go to the concerned office with your admit card, photocopy of it, recent passport size photo, and original citizenship card. Now, you must pay 1500 for category-A and category-K licenses and Rs 4,000 for category B licenses.

Orginal license

Therefore, you will get a slip to qualify for driving unless your smart driving license is ready. You will get a notification when to receive your license and you will get Nepal electronic driving license.

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