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Trial and Retrial को सूचना 2079-02-20 | TMO Kawasoti

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The Transportation Management Office Kawasoti has published the notice of the trial examination. There will be a trial test for the applicant who has passed the written test on 13 Jeth, 2079 and paid for retrial on 19th and 20th Jeth, 2079. See the information below for details.


To download or read the name list of applicants:

The download name list for car

The download name list for motorcycle

The download name list for scooter

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To download or read the name list of applicants:

The download name list for car

The download name list for motorcycle

The download name list for scooter

What is the process of getting driving license in Nepal ?

You have to go through some steps to get a driver's license. The first step is to fill out an online form. After filling up the online form for the license, you will get the contact date and reference number of the transport management office of your choice. Biometric registration is done by going to the office on the day specified in the registration slip. Biometric registration means to register the applicant's photo, fingerprint and signature in the system. After this procedure, medical checkup is done. Health tests can be performed on a wide range of serious problems, including eye sight and blood type.

If the driver is found to be eligible to obtain a driver's license during the health examination, he can participate in the written examination by paying a revenue of Rs. 500. The office should go to the specified time and place and give the written test. Only applicants who have passed the written test can take the experimental test. Applicants who fail the written test can repeat the process after three months.

Applicants who pass the written test will be tested at the time, day and trial center specified by the trial test taking Transport Management Office. After this, the person who has passed the trial test can get the license by paying the receipt within 15 days to 1 year of passing. However, it is not considered to have obtained the license until the receipt is received after paying the revenue.

A person who fails the trial exam can take the trial again after 15 days by receiving a receipt of Rs.500. A person who fails can give a trial up to 3 times at most. If the trial cannot be passed even three times, the process is repeated.

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