Fires in Electrical Vehicle: pay attention to these five things


As the use of electric vehicles has increased, so has the incidence of fires. Incidents of fires are on the rise, especially at a time when the use of two- and four-wheelers is on the rise.

Recent developments have led to an increase in fires on two-wheeled electric vehicles, especially scooters. Some vehicles caught fire while charging, while others caught fire in the parking lot or on the road.

In this case, most of the fires are connected with the battery. In case of fire due to faulty battery, it is not possible to extinguish it with normal water. Fire extinguishers are needed to prevent such fires. Here are five key pointers in moving forward.

1. Short circuit

The first cause of fire in electrical appliances is short circuit. Damage to the wiring or rupture of the battery cell can cause a short circuit as the temperature rises. When there is a short circuit, first the smoke comes and then the fire starts.

2. Bad charger

The main component of any device is the charger. The EV also has a charger as its main component. To run an electric vehicle, power is supplied from the battery and the battery is slowly discharged. In this case, you need to use a charger to recharge.

The battery is charged by connecting the charger to the electrical socket. Even if the charger is bad or faulty, it can catch fire. There are many cases where a faulty charger causes more or less electricity flow than required. So you should use quality charger while charging EV.

3. Battery quality

Battery packs are usually made using multiple cells in four-wheeled vehicles. Even if one of these cells is damaged, it can spread and cause a big fire. Research has shown that the fire started when the damaged cell was discharged while charging or operating the vehicle.

4. Damage to BMS

Another key component of electric vehicles is the Battery Management System (BMS). It works by controlling the temperature of the bat. In addition, it controls the speed of the battery charge and discharge and the cycle. So if the BMS malfunctions, the battery temperature may rise and catch fire.

5. Accident

Since the vehicle is always in motion, in case of any accident, there can be huge loss of life and property along with the vehicle. Electric vehicles are also more likely to explode in an accident. In the accident, the oil of various purposes inside the vehicle is also spilled, which causes a big fire.

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