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Trial Notice for Dozer, Roller, Excavator of TMO Dang.

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Transport Management Office, Ghorahi, Dang, Lumbini Province has published a notice regarding trial test of Dozer, Roller, Excavator and more. The original notice has been attached below.

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You also can download the notice from here…

A trial test or examination for a driving license is a step for qualifying a student driver for road driving.

During the trial test for a driving license, a student driver or learner have to complete seven steps in the trial test field. 

The first step is to check for vehicle condition such as mirror, horn, seat, and wear the seatbelt.

The next step is to complete 8 shaped road drive without touching lines drawn. Then trial attendee reaches a zig-zag path for the third step.

When the zig-zag road step is completed, in the fourth step they have to turn the light on for turning and complete the turning road and turn on the light at a given point.

After the 4th step, they have to test for a traffic light and zebra crossing. Driver must stop the vehicle if there is a red or yellow light on. They should stop their vehicle behind the zero line. If the vehicle stopped on a zebra cross they will be expelled from the test, with failed results. If there is the green light they can go ahead.

The next step is to test slopy road. The attendee needs to drive on sloppy roads up and down. After completing this step then needs to test for parking in the L path.

When all steps are completed the student driver is qualified for a driving license and gets the license after 15 days.


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